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About Home Energy Labels

Learn about the EnerGuide Rating System, how it works, and why it applies to you.

Why home energy labelling?

We use product labels almost every day. Labels help us make smarter purchases at the grocery store, at the pharmacy and even the car dealership. These labels help us understand what we are buying.

In Metro Vancouver, our home is likely the biggest purchase we will ever make, and yet there are some things we can’t see when deciding which home to buy, like energy use and costs. Home energy labels tell us how energy efficient a home currently is, how efficient it can be, and how it compares to other similar homes.

Energy efficient homes don’t just save you money, they have multiple benefits, including:     

  • Are healthier with better indoor air quality
  • Have fewer moisture and humidity issues, such as mould and mildew
  • Are more comfortable with fewer drafts and cold spots
  • Deliver lower, more predictable energy bills and less energy waste
  • Are quieter and better insulated from outside noise
  • Have a smaller environmental footprint