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Get an EnerGuide Rating and Label

Here’s how to get your home an EnerGuide Label.​

How do I get an EnerGuide Label?

This section describes how to get an EnerGuide rating for an existing home. Builders looking to get a new home EnerGuide rated should follow the link below.

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Step One

Call a licensed Service Organization who will send an Energy Advisor to conduct your home evaluation. An EnerGuide home evaluation typically costs $350-$400 for an existing home and $600-$900 for a new home.

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Step Two

The energy advisor will spend 2 to 3 hours doing the evaluation. They will also ask you about any issues you may be having with your home, your renovation plans and priorities for improving your home and a comprehensive assessment of your home's insulation, heating system, air leakage and much more.

Step Three

The energy advisor will send you the home's EnerGuide rating along with recommendations for improvements that are customized to your home. These can help you make decisions that will save you money while improving the overall comfort of your home. Along with your EnerGuide rating and label, you will also receive a Homeowner Information Sheet and a Renovation Report.

Learn more about the personalized Homeowner Information Sheet and Renovation Report.