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Get to know your Energy Advisor

Energy Advisors are your key to getting an EnerGuide Rating and Label. ​

​What is the job of an Energy Advisor?

Energy advisors come from different backgrounds and experience with buildings. Many are building engineers, architects, home inspectors, and home building and renovation pros. To be registered to deliver the EnerGuide Rating System services, energy advisors must pass exams in building science, energy evaluation procedures, energy modelling and customer engagement. The energy advisor must also must have a current contract with a licensed Service Organization that is licensed by Natural Resources Canada.

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Energy Advisors can make recommendations about:

Home energy improvements that will work for your home, your priorities and your budget.

Energy advisors can find solutions that will:

    • Eliminate drafts
    • Make cold floors and basements more comfortable
    • Reduce or eliminate condensation on windows
    • Eliminate the causes of mold
    • Reduce your ability to hear outside noise
    • Fix temperature fluctuations
    • Reduce your home energy bills
    • Make your home look better, operate more energy efficiently, and increase security