Home Energy Map

There are over 64,000 homes with EnerGuide ratings in Metro Vancouver. This map lets you discover how many EnerGuide rated homes are in each three digit postal code area. Click on the homes with green pins to get details on home energy performance for participating homes that have disclosed their EnerGuide ratings.

We are currently evaluating the pilot program for RateOurHome.ca. During this time we are not accepting new labels to display on the map. Please check back for updates and continue to use the map to learn about EnerGuide labels in the Metro Vancouver region.

Hover over an area in Metro Vancouver to see the number of EnerGuide rated homes.



​Where did these labels come from?

The labels shown on this map have been voluntarily displayed and therefore do not represent all the labels completed in the region.

There are two ways that EnerGuide Ratings and Labels end up on this map:

  1. By completing a Request Form to display your label
  2. Through another program: There are a number of programs or regulations currently operating in the Metro Vancouver region that require an EnerGuide rating be obtained. 

 Learn more about these programs

As builders and homeowners apply for these local programs, they may optionally authorize their EnerGuide label to be displayed on this map. Metro Vancouver is working with all of these programs to integrate this option.

My home is displayed and I wish to take it down

If you are the current owner of a property displayed on this website who wishes that it be removed, you can contact us at RateOurHome@metrovancouver.org with a request for removal.

I recently purchased a home that is displayed on this website. What should I do?

If you are the new owner of a property displayed on this website, please contact us at RateOurHome@metrovancouver.org if you would like your property removed from the website, or simply to update your contact information.

The RateOurHome.ca Energy Map is intended to be used solely for educational purposes and is not a substitute for getting professional advice. For more information, refer to our Copyright Notice & Disclaimer.