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Home Sellers

Home sellers pro-actively obtain EnerGuide ratings for their homes and display the rating online.

​Benefits of EnerGuide labelling your home for sale

Set your product apart from the rest

Displaying an EnerGuide label will set your home apart from the rest. Homes that rate higher than typical should be proudly displayed. This tells the buyer that a new home was built beyond building code requirements in terms of energy efficiency. And for older homes the EnerGuide label can prove the home energy improvement investments made in the home.


Consumers may request that an evaluation be conducted as a condition of sale. Taking the initiative to get an EnerGuide label and displaying it on your listing demonstrates transparency. Buyers appreciate listings that provide full disclosure of any potential issues or concerns. Displaying your EnerGuide label answers questions before they are asked and can speed up the transaction process.

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How does EnerGuide rate my home? (How do I get a label?)

 How do I get an EnerGuide Label?